Boston Globe: Catalyzing the clean-energy economy

new_england_clean_energy_councilThe Boston Globe published an interesting op-ed piece earlier this week with suggestions of ways that the incoming secretary of energy, Steven Chu, can spur the development of clean technologies in the United States.  The article, co-authored by Nick d’Arbeloff, the executive director of the New England Clean Energy Council, and Hemant Taneja, a managing director of at General Catalyst Partners and the council’s co-chairman, is aggressive, but elegant in its simplicity.  Clearly, the public chatter about clean energy has died down as oil prices have tumbled from $147 to less than $40 per barrel.  Nevertheless, these are very important issues that Chu must address , so our nation can avoid another energy bubble in the future, reduce our dependence on unstable regimes for our energy supply, and fight global warming.

Here’s a link to the article.


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