Upcoming Event: DM Going Green – Separating Fact and Fiction (1/13/09)

Hey all – A quick pre-holiday message of thanks for reading my blog.  Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions.  They mean a lot!

I wanted to pass along some information on an event in Massachusetts that I will be speaking at next month that is open to the public.  I hope you can make it!


DM Going Green – Separating Fact and Fiction
Kermit the Frog used to lament, “It’s not that easy being green.” This is especially true for direct marketers. Our industry has been under pressure from the media and the court of public opinion – even as it develops and drives new sustainable practices. And, going green will continue to be a critical issue for vendors, clients and regulators in the coming year. At NEDMA, we’ve put together a panel of experts from a variety of direct marketing disciplines to talk about how direct is going green, what are the facts (and what is fiction) about the green movement, and exactly what it means to you and your business. These experts will talk about how they and their clients went green – and guide you through the pitfalls and business opportunities they encountered along the way.

When: 1/13/2009, 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM
Where: Microsoft Seminar Facility



  • Mariah Hunt, Senior Production Manager, Digitas

Please click here to read more about the event and to register.


Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and peaceful holiday season and New Year!  More insights, observations and news to come in 2009!


4 thoughts on “Upcoming Event: DM Going Green – Separating Fact and Fiction (1/13/09)

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  2. You are 100% correct (or should I say Kermit is). The thing I have been wondering for quite some time is how many companies go green because it the the right thing to do, and it leaves the world a better place, vs, companies who use green as another marketing strategy.

    As someone who helped run a catalog company committed to organics, I know there is a big difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.

    Start with recycled paper and soy inks, but go way beyond that. Look at every area of your business and appoint a CGO, Chief Greening Officer. There is a lot to do, and always more that can be done.

    I applaud this site and your event for going the distance.

    Jim Gilbert

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