Interesting Research Study on Consumer Behavior

BBMG, a national marketing firm, has published an interesting report (in conjunction with marketing partners Global Strategy Group and Bagatto) on “conscious consumers” and the impact they are having on marketing.

According to BBMG, the report “combines ethnographic research in three U.S. markets with a national survey of 2,007 adults to reveal how companies can reach, inspire and motivate today’s
savvy and values-driven consumers.

Below please find a link to a PDF of the report:


Sustainability, and why it matters now

What it means

Sustainability means assuring the long-term survival of our planet by conserving and caring for its resources rather than depleting or permanently damaging them. Our growing awareness of the effects of climate change and deforestation makes sustainability and environmental stewardship everyone’s concern today.

Why it matters

For companies, sustainability and profitability go hand-in-hand. A commitment to environmental sustainability makes for good corporate citizenship, which improves a company’s relationship with customers, investors, regulators, neighbors and suppliers. The alternative to environmental sustainability is no longer tolerable. Sustainability is not only good for the earth and its people; it’s increasingly connected to building bottom lines and improving shareholder value.