Some weekend entertainment…

On a largely unrelated but entertaining topic, I was excited earlier this week to be invited onto New England Cable News’ Friday evening quiz show.  I appeared along with Amy Derjue, who writes for Boston Magazine and manages their blog, Boston Daily, as well as Lou Whitney, who is the CEO and founder of 2 Boston-based companies,  Twig Flowers & DoggieDay.  News anchor, Chet Curtis, hosted the program.

I had the chance to talk about green marketing (at the end of the show, so that discussion is not contained in the links below).  It was a really fun experience, even though I came in second place!

Please check out the links below to the show.  I hope you enjoy:

Part 1: News IQ Quiz Show

Part 2: News IQ Quiz Show


2 thoughts on “Some weekend entertainment…

  1. ben: this is so awesome to see…and it is so great that you’re getting more people to think about green marketing…it is an education that mainstream America (and business) still needs! Congrats!

  2. Ben,

    You were fabulous! Will this be a recurring “role”?

    Some recommended viewing; Magnificent 7, The Great Escape( one of my all-time favorite movies), The Sand Pebbles, The Thomas Crown Affair(1968), Bullitt, The Getaway(1972), and Papillon, to name just a few.

    Go Green Team!

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