Tandberg study on the impact "green" is having on our lives

Tandberg, a visual communications firm, collaborated with research firm Ipsos MORI to conduct a study on corporate environmental behavior and the impact on brand values. The report has some very interesting figures.

Here’s a link to the report:


Here’s a brief summary of the report from Tandberg’s site:

Consumers and employees reward green companies

How is ‘going green’ really affecting the way we live our lives? Does it impact the products we buy and the companies we work for? How can new technologies help us? And what is the best way to go about making a positive impact within our workplaces?

To answer these questions, TANDBERG teamed up with research firm Ipsos MORI to survey people’s attitudes in 15 countries. This survey is one of the largest global research projects into consumer attitudes toward climate change and its impact on corporate brands.



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